Criminal Defense

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney to Represent You

A criminal defense attorney can help to navigate the legal system as an ally to you or your family member. While not a therapist, a criminal defense attorney will be there to help you with the emotions that accompany criminal hearings and trials. Among many professional routes that your case could follow, a criminal defense attorney may be able to help negotiate lesser time served over a rehabilitation program. Familiar with the system, a criminal defense attorney is best suited to procure necessary evidence to help your case. T.J. Norton, III is an experienced criminal defense attorney that can make it a streamlined process to justice.

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Criminal Defense Areas


Have you been arrested for a DUI? Let us help you through this trying time.


An experienced lawyer can be a major asset when faced with a theft charge.

Drug Charges

Facing drug charges can be daunting. We can help you fight to protect your rights and find a solution.

Sex Crimes

Have you been accused of a sex crime? You need proper representation and someone to advocate for you.


Have you found yourself facing DUI charges? T.J. Norton, III, is certified in DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. The state of Tennessee has strict DUI prosecution standards; an experienced DUI attorney knows the ins and outs of defense to the standards. 


The important thing about theft charges is that the severity of the charge depends on the value of what was stolen. Theft charges can last anywhere from three months to a year before it goes to trial, for more serious charges. T.J. Norton, III is an attorney with extensive knowledge in defenses tailored from Class A Misdemeanor Theft to Class A felony Theft.

Drug Charges

80% of crimes in Tennessee are drug-related. Some effective lines of defense challenge the stated facts, testimony or evidence in the case, while others target procedural errors.  If you’re facing drug-related charges, either for personal use or intent to sell, we can help find the right defenses that apply to your specific case.

Sex Crimes

You have the right to a fair trial, you are innocent until proven guilty, but what you need is an attorney that is familiar with sexual assault case law to prove to the judge and jury that the allegations are exaggerated and/or false altogether. 

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